History of Bali

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October 25, 2018

History of Bali

History of Bali

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The History of Bali cannot be separated with the arrival of Hinduism in Bali, before the 8th century A.D.

1st century, the native Balinese used to have no formal religion. They engage in ancestor worship; the ancentor spirit are call Hyang. They were in spiritual vacuum.

People from out side Bali arrived at the island. The procelytize Hinduism and try to improve quality of life in Bali. One of them is an Indian priest named Maharsi Markandeya, He built Pura Wasuki the precursor of Besakih Temple.

8th century, Hinduism in Bali receives influence from Central and East Java By the Sanskrit stone inscription discovered in Pejeng Village, Gianyar, and statues of Siwa.

10Th century, During this Ancient Balinese age, Hinduism reaches its peak. Javanisation was underway; Old Balinese script gave way to Old Javanese. Hindu Literature in Old Javanese was brought from Java and developed in Bali. The Ancient Balinese age ended during the reign of Astasura-ratnabhumibanten, who was defeated by the Majapahit expantion led by Mahapatih Gajah Mada.

15th century, On 1579, a Dutchman, Cornelis de Houtman, embarked on an expedition to the spice island in Indonesia. Houtman’s discoveries sparked interest of the archipelago in the Netherlands.

19th century, Bali become known to the world. Dutch colonialism on Indonesia from the 17th century has no marked effect on the religious and cultural in Bali. Hinduism reached another peak; Balinese Kingdom was centered in Gelgel, and capital moved to Smarapura (Klungkung). The island become a Dutch possession after the defeat of the kingdom of Klungkung in the Klungkung puputan Batle, 1908.

Bali and The World

Bali has been opened to foreigners by the Dutch. Tourists and Cultural scientist came to appreciate the culture of Bali. Authors and painthers also came and told the world about Bali. News about Bali in foreign media sparked interest among tourists. Admiration of Bali caused the foreigners to give the nickname the Island of the Gods or The Island of Paradise.



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